Below is a description of our three most popular services which may be custom designed to fit your particular needs using any of the Options & Features listed below. All services are provided on a 24/7/365 basis or as needed.

  • Automated Features and Delivery Options: Voice Mail, Email, Fax, Text Messaging, Digital Paging, Live Call Transfer.
  • Live Operator Features and Delivery Options: Verbal Delivery, Text-Messaging Confirmation, Voice Mail Transfer and Call Patching (transferring the caller directly to you). Bi-lingual Operators are available for Spanish speaking callers!

Voice Mail with Operator Option: This is our most popular application because it provides the best of both worlds; seamless access to Live Operator Service plus all the cost benefits you should expect from such a highly automated service:

  • Calls are answered on the first ring by your own personalized automated greeting.
  • Priority callers are instructed to press “0” and are then transferred directly to an Operator.
  • Your system may include Voice Mail Boxes for capturing messages and Departmental Announcement Options for providing specific information to your callers.
  • All Automated and Live Delivery Options are available to you.
  • Includes management of On-Call schedules and Status Updates.

Some of the Businesses Who Use
Voice Mail with Operator Option:

  • Health Care Professionals
  • Medical Groups of all sizes
  • Hospitalists
  • 24-Hour Emergency Services
  • Financial & Consulting Professionals
  • Attorneys & Law Firms
  • Oil & Gas Industries & Services
  • Insurance & Claims Services
  • Marine Transport & Services
  • Aviation Services
  • Contractors
  • Real Estate
  • Property Management
  • Small Businesses of All Kinds

For customers whose primary value is to insure that each and every caller is greeted promptly and professionally by a Live Operator who will personally assist them by providing, capturing and processing information. Many of our customers use this service as if it were their own Front Desk.

  • All calls are promptly answered and managed by a Live Operator.
  • You will find our Receptionists to be well trained, informed and familiar with your needs.
  • All Automated Features and Live Delivery Options are available to you.
  • Live Call Transfer: calls may be transferred live directly to the person or department requested.
  • This service provides many of the advantages of having your own in-house staff without the administrative obligations and at a fraction of the cost.

Some Common Applications for Live Answer:

  • Out-sourcing or Supplementing Front Desk & Receptionist Duties.
  • Managing Departmental Overflow Calls.
  • Managing Inbound Advertising Calls (TV, Radio, Bill Board, Publishing, etc).
  • Help Desk Applications.
  • Internet Web Chat.
  • Emergency Hotline.
  • Anyone whose callers expect a live answer and may otherwise hang up and call the next number listed.

This is a totally automated system but it is personally supervised and managed 24-hours a day to ensure that all your calls are processed and delivered to the right person at the right time. Designed for the budget driven professional whose calls are simply too important to trust to stand-alone voice mail but may not necessarily need a live operator. Virtual Operator fills the gap between Live Answering Service and Stand Alone Voice Mail.
Here are some of the features that make Virtual Receptionist the most Dependable, Flexible and Affordable automated service available:

  • On-Call Scheduler: for professionals who trade on-call duties with other individuals or a group, we personally manage your On-Call Schedule insuring that the right person is always notified with the right message.
  • 24-hour Technical Support: many people find voice mail systems too complex and time consuming to keep updated and properly programmed (e.g. updating recorded greetings for holidays, changing telephone and pager numbers, creating new voice mail boxes, etc.). We personally manage your system 24-hours a day.
  • Live Call Transfer: Virtual Receptionist can actually screen your calls and transfer your important callers directly to you (e.g. calls from other doctors, consults, urgent hospital calls, etc.).
  • Message Check: visual checks of your emergency voice mail box eliminates the possibility of important messages being left unattended or not delivered in time.
  • Telephone Notification: Virtual Receptionist will call you directly with your urgent messages.
  • Pager Notification: sends you a digital page to your pager or telephone to notify you of a pending message in your voice mail box.
  • Broadcast Messaging: messages may be recorded in one voicemail box and distributed to as many additional boxes as needed.

Applications for Virtual Operator:

  • Live Answering Service users who wish to cut costs but still need a highly dependable service.
  • Traditional Voice Mail users who need a much higher degree of dependability.
  • Anyone who must be absolutely certain their calls are answered, screened, and properly delivered to the appropriate personnel.
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