Special Internet Offer: 2-Weeks of Free Service
When you open an account with us please be sure to mention this Special Offer found only on our website and we will provide your first two weeks of service complimentary.

Protocol Communications was started in Houston Texas in 1990 and is an owner-operated business. Our approach to providing service has always been a little different than most others. Our primary emphasis is on attracting, training and keeping the best personnel possible. By adhering to this policy we have been able to avoid many of the typical service problems that result from high employee turnover, insufficient training and poor management. Our full-time staff is largely made up of employees who have been with us for many years, and much of our part-time staff consists of students supplementing their income while working toward a degree: our entire staff takes great pride in delivering the most dependable service available.

Our next consideration is budget driven. We are all under pressure to minimize overhead and provide the best possible service at the lowest possible cost. Many companies address this issue by cutting the cost of labor to a bare minimum. The result is predictable and far too common; poor service delivered by staff that is over worked and under paid. Our approach is to provide a highly motivated and experienced staff and offset those costs by including a host of automated services that are offered ala cart and free of charge. These technologies enhance and compliment our telephone staff while providing very significant savings which are passed on directly to our customers. The idea is simple: provide quality live service whenever needed and let the technology do the rest.

We have spent the last 20 years earning the trust and loyalty of many businesses large and small and we would love to have an opportunity to become a part of your team also.

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